Immune System Booster Pack


Nutritional supplements based on minerals, vitamins, peptides and plant extracts, designed to improve immune function.

Stressless: 2 (60 cps x 2) – 2 cps before breakfast and 2 cps before dinner
Lipovit: 1 (60 cps) – 2 cps before breakfast
Alkaline: 1 (30 sachets) – 1 sachet in water in the middle of the day
Kollagen: 1 (30 sachets) – 1 sachet in water after dinner

Several studies investigate the role of specific nutrients and dietary supplements on the functionality of the immune system, in a wide range of human subjects, including the elderly, children and adults. An optimal intake of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and natural products can help reduce stress and regulate the metabolic state generating an overall improvement of specific immune response which occurs in our organism for the purpose of defending against foreign invaders.

The research and know-how that distinguish Cronos Diet has allowed us to develop an unique nutritional kit, specifically designed to improve immune function.

Immune System Booster to improve immune function and defend our body from pathogenic microorganisms.

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These days we are inundated with messages of great health alarm which, in people lacking specific skills, essentially becomes fear.

Fear then is the origin of many evils: mistrust, division, flight, renunciation, emotional reaction, contrasts, irrational expenses and much more based on the characteristics of each of us.

The fear of disease can itself create disease, because it creates tension, stress and prolonged stress act on the weaknesses of the person: it can raise the pressure, it can cause cardiac arrhythmias, disturb sleep and digestion, decompensate a balance precarious, especially in the elderly or chronically ill and eventually weakens the immune system. Just what shouldn’t happen in this period!

In humans, common Coronaviruses often cause respiratory infections such as the common cold, but in some cases they can cause non-serious viral pneumonia (normal Coronaviruses are responsible for about 20% of all viral pneumonia), but rarely can also cause a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

In this case, the severity of the pathology depends on the fact that, if the virus is new, our immune system does not know it because it has never come into contact with it, it cannot defend itself and suffers the attack which becomes particularly strong and dangerous. in immunologically weak or immunosuppressed subjects, especially the elderly with important chronic diseases or other subjects weak in the immune, cardiopulmonary, renal or metabolic level.


The real and real risk of CoVID-19 infection depends on the conditions of the immune system
Potentially, we can all be at risk, because each of us could be “temporarily” in a “temporary” condition of risk due to some imbalance and weakening of the immune system. Among the main causes of imbalance I remember essentially:

  • very intense and prolonged psycho-physical stress, especially those that leave agitation, anger, fear;
  • heavily impaired nutrition (“junk food”);
  • quantitatively impaired nutrition (excess sugar);
  • nutritionally impaired nutrition (ie poor in essential nutrients that our body absolutely needs for its vital processes: oxygen, water, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals);
  • excessive scarcity of drinks, especially if it occurs for a long time;
  • excessive sedentary lifestyle, especially if it occurs for a long time;
  • excessive reduction of the night’s rest, especially if it occurs for a long time;
  • chronic exogenous intoxication (excessive consumption of drugs, alcohol, coffee, smoking, drugs).

If the immune-imbalance conditions were not severe, intense and too prolonged and if the subject is robust and not old enough, in 80% of cases the CoDIV-19 infection will manifest itself slightly and therefore it will be enough to remain in isolation / quarantine for about 15-20 days.


How to set up a lifestyle capable of increasing our defenses against infectious diseases

The first prevention must aim to keep our immune system strong and functioning. This point is fundamental and must always be respected and for the prevention of any pathology, infectious or otherwise.

So, the first and most effective prevention is always to have a correct lifestyle!

Our organism is almost always able to overcome the attack that is moved by any virus, bacterium, fungus or germ existing or not yet created, provided that we keep it in good health and protect it adequately.

  • To reduce to the maximum the sugars that create insulin resistance and alteration of the functionality of the immune system
  • Maximize vegetable foods, especially fresh vegetables
  • Drink about 2 liters of water per day, preferably slightly alkaline
  • Do everything possible to normalize your body weight, eating less quantitatively if you are overweight, and chew your bites well in order to facilitate and speed up digestion.
  • Do some physical activity every day
  • Sleep a minimum of 7 hours (better 8) per day
  • Immediately or gradually abolish one’s vices (smoking, coffee, alcohol, drugs, unnecessary drugs, but also the excessive or unmotivated use of mobile phones, computers, television; also abolishing addictions and / or incorrect behavior from any point of view).
  • Take probiotics, some supplements or nutraceuticals based on your nutritional deficiencies, especially the nutrients essential for our body (deficiencies that are increasingly frequent today due to pollution of the environment and the food chain) (the most important supplements to antiviral action are vitamins A, C, D
  • Escape conflicts and, more generally, all occasions of stress


How to increase our antiviral defenses in the most critical periods by finding ourselves in a high risk condition

Commit to introducing a diet without sugars or with low sugars, with low quality fats, monounsaturated (olive oil) and MCT (coconut oil), normoprotein with high quality amino acids and proteins such as that of collagen to protect lean body mass

  • Drink purifying and detoxifying herbal teas
  • Keep stress and cortisol levels low with adaptogenic plants such as Ashwagandha and Bacopa monnieri as the immune system is strongly influenced by our central nervous system (and therefore by psycho-physical stress).
  • Take vitamins D, C, K and A
    • Vitamin D: vitamin D deficiency (which is extremely common today) is associated with an increased risk of acute viral respiratory infection and meta-analyzes of clinical studies on vitamin D supplementation for the prevention of viral infections have demonstrated protective effects (23 , 24); in fact, vitamin D has innumerable immunostimulant effects, but to have a rapid effect you need to use high daily doses, such as 4,000 IU / day for at least three months (in cases of emergency, 10,000 IU / day can be taken for 7 days) and then 4,000 IU / day; it should be remembered that during these vitamin D intakes it is necessary to drink about 2 liters of water per day.
    • Vitamin C: at least 1 gram, During infections and stress the concentration of vitamin C decreases rapidly in our organism. Its adequate integration translates into an improvement of the components of the immune system with an increase in the antimicrobial and natural activities of the killer cells, lymphocyte proliferation, chemotaxis and delayed type hypersensitivity.
    • Vitamin A: its deficiency compromises both innate immunity because it reduces the functionality of neutrophils, macrophages and Natural Killer lymphocytes, and acquired immunity since it plays an important role in the development of Th1, Th2 and B lymphocytes.
  • Take an Alkalizing Supplement every day as our enzymes do not do their job well in acidosis and therefore we are more prone to inflammation and disease.
  • Protect the lean body which is involved in all metabolic processes and immune mechanisms with high quality proteins, collagen, amino acids and daily physical activity


There are numerous studies on the correlation between nutrition and immune response, in particular on acquired immunity, or the specific type of responses activated by the immune system towards pathogenic microorganisms

The research and know-how that distinguish Cronos Diet has allowed us to develop an unique nutritional kit, specifically designed to improve immune function.


Immune System Booster

a unique nutritional kit defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. Specifically designed to enhance immune function.

Formulated with the best nutritional supplements in the market including:

  • Vitamin D, A, K, C
  • Herbs that reduce stress
  • Alkalizing salts
  • Natural products with antioxidant activity
  • Collagen for muscle mass integrity

 Download the Cronos Immune System Booster kit brochure



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